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Welcome to my new blog!

I thought it was time to start a blog so that you can all follow along on the process of me creating the pieces that I am commissioned. From where I work, how I work to the final result! As a pet portrait artist it is important to me that the finished product is as lifelike as it can be whilst still retaining the bespoke watercolour quality that my customers love.

On this blog you will come to see that my business is not run from a glamorous studio and my palette has definitely been well...loved... however the personal element and thoughtful detail that I like to put into all of my work comes from the humble surroundings that I create each piece in.

I love the light that floods in through the big windows and south facing aspect of my workroom. The drawing board that you can see in this image has been with me for 30 years and has seen many, many pieces in it's time!

Below is a current commission that I am working on of Frankie...

The left image is the original photograph, the customer has requested an A3 portrait. So far I am very much enjoying working on this one, check in soon for more updates and the final result!

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